No auditions
No auditions

Members from all groups got together for a performance in Wymondham

BroadBeat Breakfast Club meets the first Sunday of the month at Cafe Britannia

BroadBeat Choir welcomes new members                 FREE TASTER SESSION then £4 when you come along (from 6th June 2016 there will be an increase in the first session to £5) Pay-As-You-Sing.  

A quick look at 'Dream Catch Me'
We all love this song.
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On the following pages you’ll find information about BroadBeat Choir, as well as our regular rehearsal times and any upcoming performance dates.



Either print this form out with you or fill one in at your first session.
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We are a fun and informal choir singing songs from the shows, charts and films, past and present. Music brings people together! We're a very varied group of people, all bound by our love of singing, and men and women of all abilities can join us. Everyone is warmly welcomed and, as well as practising hard to achieve a high musical standard, it’s all about the spirit of fun and conviviality.  


We have 3 main groups: The 'Men's Department', 'Hinges' and 'Brackets'.  The 'Hinges' tend to sing the main melody whilst the 'Brackets' sing accompaniment and harmonies.  We find that ladies who are Altos usually find the 'Hinges' within their range, whilst the 'Brackets' tend to be the home of our Sopranos and those with a slightly higher range than Altos.  The 'Men's Department' consists of Bass and Tenors and sometimes ladies whose voices have matured and are slightly lower than the Altos.  The men always make the ladies very welcome to their department (and they bring a sense of order! Sssh, don't tell the men I said that).


Do I need to audition to join your choir?

Absolutely not.  We welcome people of all levels and abilities.  People are often shy to begin with when they start singing with the group but once they realise no-one is staring at them they relax and really enjoy themselves!

I can't read music

That doesn't matter.  We learn mainly from lyric sheets and by ear.  Some people like to look at the music and jot down some notes but it isn't necessary.  In the future music may be available for some songs but you would only need to follow the words.

I'm not sure of my voice type

It's fine we'll help you with that when you get here.  We have a 'Men's Department', 'Hinges' who tend to sing the main melody and for a slightly lower range / typically 'Alto', and 'Brackets' who tend to sing accompaniment, harmonies and are the higher voice range.  Some people prefer to sing the main melody and if they want to do that I'm perfectly happy.  The groups sometimes divide to provide further harmonies, but often there will be just 3 sections.

How much does it cost?

We don't have joining fees or direct debits.  You pay just £4 when you come along and that includes refreshments, but please bring your own mug so I don't have to wash up.  If you come along to 2 sessions in one week the second costs just £3.  (From 6th June 2016 the cost of the first session will change to £5, the second session remains at £3).  PAY-AS-YOU-SING.

BroadBeat Choir - for adults who love to sing

Sandra Edwards is the Musical Director and Founder of BroadBeat Choir.


In 2012 I formed BroadBeat Choir because I couldn't find a choir that I wanted to join.  I wanted a choir that was fun, sang songs I knew, that I only paid for when I went and was lighthearted. Little did I know then how the BroadBeat 'family' would grow not only in numbers, but thanks to our wonderful members, become so much more than just a choir.  We have supported a different local charity each year by receiving donations for whole choir performances.  Individual members have also raised money through sponsorship and holding coffee mornings.  We have also sung at member's weddings and supported them in other groups they belong to.  Our members' ages range from twenties to eighties.  We learn songs by ear so there is no need to be able to read music, lyric sheets and song parts can be accessed via the members' area of the website so you can practice between sessions and catch up if you've not been able to attend.


Our annual birthday party brings everyone together as we entertain and support each other, with some members performing in small groups or solos.  Performance pieces are closely guarded secrets and members get together and rehearse outside of the sessions.  We also have a Breakfast Club, meeting on the first Sunday of each month at Cafe Britannia at the Norwich Prison.  Early birds get there for 9am but I've not made it before 9.30am yet!  


When you join BroadBeat Choir you will be joining a wonderful group of people who are caring, supportive and great fun to be with.  Come along and see for yourself, you can join at any time.  It's a great opportunity to meet new people and make friends.  Bring along a mug for tea break.





Children Love To Sing Too - that's why we are starting a children's section called 'Raising Voices Youth Choir'.

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